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Alice Couch - Van Pelt

Veterans have done so much for our country, and they should to be treated with great respect and gratitude for what they have done. Sometimes people don’t always understand what veterans have done for us and our country. Veterans have risked their lives for our freedom, and fought in our wars. If it wasn’t for veterans we wouldn’t be here today.

To serve in the military means giving up a lot of time with your family. You will probably end up missing holidays and celebrating them with your family. Most veterans miss their child being born and watching them grow up! A lot of veterans left to join the military right after high school and that means they gave up some of their youth to fight in wars. Once the veterans left for the military they basically gave up who they were and didn’t come back the same person.

Veterans gave up dreams and careers to go fight in our wars. For example if someone was so close, and undoubtedly going to have a career as a professional soccer player but then decided to go serve in the military. They would be giving up on their careers and dreams which takes a lot of courage and determination. We should thank veteran’s for that.

Veterans have experienced lots of pain physically, and emotionally. They’ve had friends die right in front of them and couldn’t do anything about, or have been badly injured from fighting. When you’re in the military’s like you’re getting damaged and broken. As a result in the end you get built back again and are even stronger physically, and emotionally.

Veterans who have served in the military are proud of it and they should be. Veterans have said that they are glad that they served, and don’t regret a single thing about it. Veterans have fought for us, died for us, and gave us our freedom. We owe all our thanks to veterans and they should be treated with great respect and gratitude for what they have done. Thank you veterans.

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