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more than wordsMore Than Words seeks to align all of Wayne County to communicate with the same end in mind: strong community and responsible kids. Based on a common language for all, More Than Words combines the forces of a monthly value and it's definition to transform inward attitudes and outward behaviors. Northeastern Elementary School has partnered with the United Way to bring More Than Words to our school during the 2019-2020 school year.

Welcome back to school! We are starting the school year off by cultivating "The BIG Three." Cultivating means to “encourage the growth of” and isn’t that just what we teachers and parents are in the business of? As we encourage your child in their growth, we will be utilizing the foundational expectations of "The BIG Three." We encourage you to join us in learning the NES Motto, which incorporates the BIG 3 concepts in your home.
  1. Think: Treat Others Right
  2. Believe: Make Smart Decisions 
  3. Achieve: Maximize Your Potential


It is so much easier when it all boils down to 3 BIG ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are on the bus, in the library, taking a test, or loading the dishwasher at home. "The BIG Three" apply in all areas of life and to all age/grade levels. When we all use a common language and the expectations are the same across school and home, then there is little room for excuses.

Will this eradicate those weeds of misbehavior for good? Of course not! Every gardener still fights with weeds. But when you have to have a one on one chat with your child about behavior it is no longer, “Don’t do that again”. Instead it is a conversation about where the breakdown in behavior took place. We have found almost any offense or misstep can be channeled through these BIG Three ideas. The image of a stop-light might best help to hit home our point: Stop, Slow Down, and Go correlate to each part of "The BIG Three."
  • RED/STOP:  Are you treating others right?
  • YELLOW/SLOW DOWN:  Was it a smart decision?
  • GREEN/GO:  Develop and implement your plan for maximizing your potential!
As we gear up for the year, make time to plant the seeds of "The BIG Three" in your home. "The BIG Three" are not just for August-or the start of the school year. "The BIG Three" are the roots of a healthy growing tree. For roots to be strong and provide vital elements of growth they must be tended throughout the year. Plant your seeds, cultivate your home culture around "The Big Three" and we are sure the fruits of your labors (inward attitudes) will be well worth the harvest (outward behavior).

Each month, we will introduce another value  from the following for our students to learn. 
  • Big 3: Treating others right, making smart decisions, and maximizing potential.        
  • Trust: Putting your confidence in someone you can depend on.                 
  • Courage: Being brave enough to do what you should do.               
  • Honor: Letting someone know you see how valable they really are.              
  • Joy: Finding a way to be happy, even when things don’t go your way.                  
  • Knowledge: Discovering something new so you can be better at whatever you do.                                
  • Creativity: To create or build something new.                     
  • Forgiveness: Deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay.                            
  • Humility: Putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve .                            
  • Determination: Deciding it's worth it to finish what you started               
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